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Explore a Range of Services to Transform Your Life.

Success Stories

"Lacy is a genuine! She picks up on the subtleness of any avoidance or pain and we dive deeper, healing parts of me that I didn't understand. While helping me release years of protection that no longer serves me life and future goals. Thank you so very much for this feeling of peacefulness in my life and new found self love of this peace."

Jennifer P.

"Working with Lacy was easy and the things we focused on shifted effortlessly in my every day life. It was amazing how fast things changed without any extra effort on my part. I highly recomment going through Lacy's program. Thanks Lacy!"

Cyndee J.

"Lacy was great! This was a totally new thing for me and I learned some skills that I can use in my daily routine to help get into a great frame of mind. Putting images in my mind to my feelings. Definitely recomment this for anyone looking to improve their business and personal life."

Scott S.

"If you go into this with an open mind, you will get SO much out of it. Lacy is the sweetest ever and you can tell that she genuinely cares. She has given me tips and tricks to continue helping me even after our sessions were over. Thank you Lacyn for the fgifts you have given me!"

Debbie B.

Embark on Creating the Life You've Always Envisioned

Empowering Women to Transform Their Lives One Conversation at a Time.

By joining our women's networking group, you not only unlock a powerful platform for empowerment, referrals, networking, and mentorship, but you also play a crucial role in supporting survivors of domestic violence. Your paid monthly membership fuels our mission to provide free coaching to those who have sought refuge at the crisis center, allowing them to heal, grow, and ultimately break the cycle of abuse. Together, we are building a community that not only uplifts and empowers women but also fosters a network of support to create a brighter future for all.

For those who have sought refuge at the Crisis Center, coaching is here to support your journey towards empowerment at no charge, because wmpowering one woman can change a generation.

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